1 min readJul 8, 2021


Written: June 28, 2018

Works from writing prompt game with my metamour

Skin blushing in the scorched air
The energy of impending night vibrating between us
Sultry thoughts flowing in every cramped and
devious part of our souls
Falling into your eyes as the sun becomes bedded
down beneath the blazing horizon
Kissing his moon lover as he slides away
Inspiring us to mimic its intimacy


She blinks her eyes
drinking in the bright light of the morning
Verdant dew hangs in the quiet dawn
She presses her bare toes into the green
lichen covering the stone steps that lead
up to her house
Her thoughts drift
She knows a seed has been planted in her soul.


Show me your secrets
Bright memories and
Verdant jealousies
They grow inside you
Like lichen on stone garden walls
I see the lonely animal inside you
Caged and pacing
Quietly anxious in the night
Beneath the shade of a
Moonless sky




Wanderlusts of a Bohemian princess | Echoes of a vagabond